About Us

At Rockway Elementary School, we believe

  • Our is a Home away from Home
  • Students to be Life-Long Learners and Active Participate in Creating a Better Future
  • Parental Involvement is Essential for Successful Education
  • In Identifying and Implementing Innovative, Research-Based District-Wide Programs
  • In Implementing Initiatives to Improve Student Performance in English, Language Arts, World Languages, Technology, Fine Arts and Life Skills

Our Vision:

Rockway Elementary School is a beacon of light that guides our students to be life-long learners and active participants in creating a better future.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Rockway Elementary School in unity with all stakeholders to empower the students to become critical thinkers, productive citizens, and caring individuals. This mission will be accomplished by providing challenging educational experiences based on high academic standards in a nurturing environment.

Core Values

Rockway Elementary School holds the following beliefs as the motivation for all endeavors undertaken by the school: We are committed to ACHIEVE:

  • Active participation of students
  • Character development
  • High expectations
  • Inclusion and involvement of all stakeholders
  • Environmental awareness
  • Vision for change
  • Excellence in all areas of the curriculum